Student Journalists

Erin Dungee
Hailing from the quaint West Chester, Pennsylvania, I, Erin Dungee, have attended Temple University for far too long. I’ll be graduating this August, praise The Flying Spaghetti Monster, and finally undertaking my life long dream of paying back massive student loans. I am an intern for Cashman & Associates Public Relations firm in Northern Liberties, which is pretty boss, I must say. From getting this internship, I’ve realized that journalism is overrated and passé and that I would like to continue my career in the self-involved world of Public Relations. I’m just joking about that last part. Truthfully, I would like to end up working for a Travel Channel show, specifically Anthony Bourdain. His style of travel and tourism is both interesting and informative. Finally, my mother has four cats, but don’t let that insanity reflect on me, I have no cats.

Benjamin Griffiths
I was born and raised in the small, boring town of Phoenixville, PA.
Seriously, all there is to do for fun in Phoenixville is maybe go to
the bowling alley or shoot some pool, and both of those places closed
down last year. My parents are dairy farmers, so from a very young age
I was taught that getting up to milk cows at 3AM is normal. As I grew
up, at some point I realized that I was decidedly not a morning person
and started to move away from any aspirations of following my parents
into agriculture. I almost ended up going to UArts for acting, but
after some careful thought I decided to go to Temple for journalism
instead. My goal is to become the most well-rounded journalist I can
be during my time at Temple. Hopefully this class will be another step
in that direction.

Victoria Holmes
Victoria Holmes is a senior at Temple University. She is majoring in magazine journalism and she is the head of “The Burlesque Censure,” a hyperlocal video game culture blog. Outside of journalism, Victoria has experience in lower-level IT, grant writing and demographic research.

Chelsea Maher
I’m Chelsea Maher and I’m a senior Magazine Journalism major. I come from Scranton, Pa and currently reside in South Philadelphia. I’m really interested in writing short stories and dream of writing story lines for video games someday. I’m a very picky eater and have never had many common foods, such as strawberries. My fifth grade homeroom teacher taught me how to juggle, but I have since forgotten.

Angela Mayo
I am a junior, and I have just changed my major. For the past 5 semesters I have been a photojournalism major. As of yesterday morning, I am a magazine journalism major. Last semester I interned for the Philadelphia Eagles in their broadcasting department. I worked with Eagles Television Network as an assistant producer. I loved every moment of it. I actually plan on going to grad school for broadcasting now because of it. Although I changed my major, I am still heavily passionate about photography. I have my own photography business, and I have made a name for myself in my hometown of Lancaster, PA. I photograph everything from weddings to portraits, but sports is what I love to shoot most. When I’m not out taking pictures, or trying to find a steady job, I am probably in my own world listening my music. I have no musical abilities at all, however listening to music makes me happy. I listen to everything from Lil Wayne to Lady Gaga to Red Hot Chili Peppers to Bob Dylan. If I’m not listening to them, I am most definitely listening to the Beatles. They are my true passion when it comes to music; especially John Lennon. Other than that, I am just a down to earth person.

Tiffany Mercer-Robbins
Hi, I’m Tiffany Nicole Mercer-Robbins a Northern Liberties resident, who tweets and design in my free time. I am a 22-year-old senior at Temple University studying magazine journalism. Currently, I work as a photographer at Sears Portrait Studio. After graduation, I am pressing towards the creation of a television show, writing for a magazine or a career in entertainment law.

Mara Model
Hey everyone! My name is Mara Model and I’m a senior studying magazine journalism. I grew up in Millburn, NJ but just recently my family moved to Glen Ridge, NJ and for the first time in my life.. got a dog. Let’s just say, the last couple of months have been very different for me on the home front. I became interested in journalism in my junior year of high school when I interned at Time Out New York Magazine. Although I was a youngin’ there, barely allowed to even pitch stories, I was still exposed to the amazing world of journalism and fell in love immediately. Since then I have interned at Vicinity Media Magazine, Suburban Essex Magazine, and Philadelphia City Paper where I have finally found my voice. I’m currently writing a couple of stories for the Templar Annual Yearbook. I hope to write about pop culture, the arts and entertainment, but if I had to for the rest of my life, I would write stories that involve something or someone helping people around the world. I’ve written a couple and I’ve realized that those are the stories that fill my heart with glee. Overall I like having fun and laughing (especially at my favorite TV shows Community, Mad Men or It’s Always Sunny.) Oh and I’m definitely ready to graduate.

Candice Monhollan

Alexandra Myslinski
My name is Alex Myslinski and I’m a magazine journalism major in my senior year.  I grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania and have spent pretty much all of my life there; however, I’ve spent the last four summers working as a waitress in Bethany Beach Delaware.  Currently I’m a Philadelphia Weekly Style Blog and Listings intern and I also am a waitress at Field House in center city.  Interning at Philadelphia Weekly has really made me realize that I love the world of journalism and I couldn’t see myself doing anyting else.  I have also written a few pieces for One Step Away, which is a non-profit newspaper that runs throughout the city focusing on homelessness within Philadelphia.  In the future, I hope to not only be writing for a women’s health magazine (preferably Shape or Women’s Fitness), but also to publish something of my own.

Alexandra Olivier
My name is Alexandra Olivier but I prefer to be called Alex or Alley. I am currently a junior double majoring in Journalism and Sociology. I am not on a specific track but I focus on magazine and arts and entertainment. I am originally from Brooklyn, New York and am a proud Yankee and Giants fan. My love for all things entertainment and culture pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and attend school out of state. It just so happened I chose a school where enemy sports teams reside, oh well.

I am the current president of Ladies of Elegance Step Organization which is the only, non-Greek step organization on campus . I am also the arts and entertainment copy editor at The Temple News, editorial intern at the Russell Conwell Center on campus, and a features intern at both College Magazine and The Philadelphia Daily News.

I’m not too good at this multimedia stuff but that’s what classes are for.

Luis Rodriguez
Hi, my name is Luis Fernando Rodriguez and I am currently a sophomore journalism major at Temple University. I’ve decided to take advantage of the fact I don’t have to pick a sequence and take a pretty broad range of classes so I can become a pretty well rounded multimedia journalist. I’m the current multimedia editor for The Temple News and I absolutely love it. My other job is in the photo lab of Annenberg where I help students in the basic photography class print and edit their photos. I hope to one day work as a multimedia reporter for some publication based in New York because I’m cliché. When I’m not working you can usually find me crying in the TECH Center as I pull an all nighter, ‘getting bodied’ to Beyoncé, eating, SMIZE-ing, making jokes that my friends love/hate me for and thinking about going to the gym.

Sara Rooney
Transferring from Kutztown University, the Amish capital where
horse-drawn buggies outnumber cars, Temple was a much needed and
desired change. My annoying OCD led to my love editing- since I cringe
when someone uses “your” when he/she meant “you are.” Grammar and the
usage of words that aren’t on a second grade level became the only
thing I was passionate about; hence my choice of concentration is
magazine. Since I do not like being in the spotlight, writing is the
most ideal job for me because I can hide behind my words. I will be
graduating in fall 2012 in hopes of starting the long road to my dream
of becoming an editor for a girl-oriented magazine.

Alyssa Saylor
My name’s Alyssa, I’m a Junior Broadcast sequence. I love snowboarding and have been really getting into it lately. Once I’m finished school, I’d like to continue working at my current job, and go into the advertising/marketing aspect of it and during that time I’d love to take up an internship at a news or radio station, and flourish from there. For this class, I see myself being more comfortable with production and editing. I really enjoy using photoshop and taking pictures, (probably because I got an awesome camera for xmas). I would really like to be more familiar with web-designing because I feel like you have to be skilled in so many aspects of Journalism in order to get a job anywhere. I have two dogs (yuppie, little, cute ones), my favorite TV show is New Girl, and preferred news outlet is ABC. Looking forward to the semester!

Sharon Schafer
My name is Sharon. I am one of the older undergraduate students returning to school after a long absence having achieved most of the things in life that other classmates have not even touched upon yet. I still like some of the things from yesteryear like drinking beer and listening to music but I am usually asleep be 9 PM these days. I am hoping to do with my life the things I was not allowed to do the first time around like follow my heart’s desire for a change instead of following family traditions. I am breaking out on my own and it is a little scary but I am sure if I keep my focus I will accomplish great things.

Shanell Simmons
My name is Shanell Simmons and  I am a journalism major and African American studies minor.  I am an embodiment of New York City; Harlem to be exact.  Far more than just a love for my city, is the love and sincere passion I have for writing.  The connection I have with words and my ability to use them to emphasize my feelings is something that I appreciate.  My future goals are to write for a magazine company (that which I haven’t quite came to a conclusion of which one yet), and to be a book reviewer for some publication.  I am also a true believer and active in community service, so if there was any job that would allow me to give back through my writing and also be able to read books and review them/even edit them and make a living, that would be ideal.

Brittany Thomas
I’m from Dallas, PA, a cute little town outside of Wilkes-barre that’s
getting completely pulverized by natural gas companies. I am a
Magazine Journalism major with a minor of Political Science, which was
a boring mistake of a meaningless minor. I had a phase where I thought
I’d get really smart about world issues and then write about things
that piss me off and make the world a better place. Aw, don’t we all.
Maybe not. Well, now I still think I’d like to write about some
serious things, but not in a serious way and rather in a way that
people might actually enjoy that doesn’t inspire fear of impending
doom and world annihilation. I’ve written some articles for since I interned there last semester. I consider them to
be my proudest pieces so far because I’m able to use my voice and talk
about everything from crime and punishment in Philly to Twitter. I
also write for JUMP magazine and do some freelance here and there. I
play in a band so making music is what I do in my minutes of spare
time. I also like to ski.

Corey Woods
My name is Corey Woods and I am currently a senior journalism student at Temple University. I am working under the new curriculum, so instead of selecting a track, I am taking a ‘grab-bag’ approach to my major. My plan is to supplement my major with broadcast and magazine courses, so I leave Temple with a well-rounded journalism education. I was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia and went to high school in Center City, so I enjoy being in the city for my college years. Ideally, after college, I would like to hold an editing position at a large, metropolitan newspaper. In this course, I am most looking forward to learning XHTML, because I am not knowledgeable at all in coding and know that it is something employers are looking for.

Hend Salah

Samantha Gray


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