Just a reminder, your audio slideshow projects are due on the 14th. Happy Valentines Day!

A complete audio slideshow project must be submitted and posted to the class blog BEFORE CLASS and includes ALL of the following:

  • * A project brief. You can find the separate sheet describing the project brief on blackboard, or the class blog located at Click the “Course Documents” tab. (10 points)
  • * A storyboard: laying out your ideas and types of shots in sequence with your audio. This is normally done visually, drawn out in frames with notes and an explanation for your reasoning for ordering your photos and audio. (5 points)
  • * A completed script. You can find an example of an audio slide show script format on blackboard or the class blog located at Click the ‘Course Documents’ tab. (5 points)
  • *  A source list. Names, e-mails and phone numbers of anyone interviewed. (10 points)
    (items with marked with an asterisk [*], please print them out and hand them to me in class)
  •  A finished slideshow made in Final Cut Pro, properly compressed for web and uploaded to Vimeo and properly embedded in a new post to the class blog. (70 points)
If you’re confused on ANY part of this process, please refer to the how-to-guides, tip sheets, and other materials from class under “COURSE DOCUMENTS”.
Good luck, and should any problems or questions arise, e-mail me as EARLY as you can. I hate last minute e-mails; it gets too crazy to answer everyone at once.