For Next Class (01/24/)

Please do the following:

  • Bring two ideas for your own audio slideshow project. We’ll be talking about your project ideas in class.
  • Find an audio slideshow that you found interesting, and hasn’t been already posted on the class blog. Post it in the COMMENTS section of this blog post.
  • Read JournalismNext, Chapters 1-2
  • Read What is Multimedia Journalism?

Intro to Audio Slideshows

While watching the following audio slideshows, please consider the following:

  • Reporting
  • Photography
  • Audio
  • Human interest
  • News value
  • Originality
  • Editing
  • Navigation and Structure
  • Design

AUDIO SLIDESHOW PIONEERS: Both the LA Times & NY Times were among the first few newspapers to experiment with telling stories through audio slideshows. Here are some examples of their early and recent work.

LA Times’ The Lifeline Series:

The Lifeline – Part One

The Lifeline – Part Two

The Lifeline – Part Three

NY Times’ One in 8 Million Project:

One in 8 Million

LA Times’ Pop.u.LA.tion (influenced by One in 8 Million):

Pop.u.LA.tion: Stories from the Sidewalk (LA Times)

Recent Award Winners:

Waiting for Death  (LA Times) – 1st Place, Best of Photojournalism, Feature Audio Slideshow

Frozen Land, Forgotten People (LA Times) – 1st Place, Best of Photojournalism, News Audio Slideshow

Examples by former Temple students:

Examples by other university students:

Examples by local multimedia journalists:

Award winning examples by professionals: