New Project Idea

So I decided taking an angle based around music and entertainment would be more applicable to my career direction. I’ve also been seeing a growing number of d.i.y. venues popping up around the city. Arts Garage is one of the more officially established places, but most of what goes on there showcases up-and-coming artists. The Jeffrey Palace in Northern Liberties is one of the more underground spots but does equally interesting things. What I most want to encapsulate with this theme is the fact that artists who are just starting out have places to network with other artists new to the scene so that they all can work together to develop an audience. Rather than just one single band or artists trying to get their stuff out there, they can be supportive of each other and play in these sort of “alternative spaces” together and bring people out from all different circles and really get the maximum benefit. Rather than just playing bars or waiting to score bigger venues, this way it’s a totally mutually beneficial social gathering for artists, spectators and event organizers alike. These art spaces deserve attention and need it to continue, so I think it’d be significant to shed light on a few of them and how they’re impacting the music/art scene of Philadelphia.


One thought on “New Project Idea

  1. Sounds like you could get a lot of great visual and audio content from this idea. I fully support it if you were to flesh it out under the “DIY Arts” theme, and how it makes an impact on overall arts in Phliadelphia. Let me know how the progress goes.

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