Final Project Idea

For my final project I want to cover a story dealing with some sort of social change coming from the youth of the Philadelphia community. Oftentimes in the media all we see is either an undereportage of positive images of Philadelphia’s youth or no coverage at all of youth in the community helping each other to succeed. Because we are required to focus on more than one organization, I was thinking of doing a story possibly on this group called Youth Action as well as Philadelphia Social Innovations who both deal with youth-led organizers. I am completely opened for suggestions and since our topics have to be so broad, I am labeling mine to be “social change amongst youth in Philadelphia.” I’m not sure if that is too broad, but if it is I can condense it to be catered to one specific field.


2 thoughts on “Final Project Idea

  1. Shannell,

    I like the idea, but would love for you to narrow your focus on perhaps a few particularly charismatic, and driven youth. I would focus less on the organizations themselves, and narrow the focus to just a few particular youth that have a lot to say or are already doing amazing things within Philadelphia. It is a bit too broad, but i think you should just document and follow the lives of a few individuals, perhaps they’re a part of the same organization, or a few different teens from different organizations. I would also like you to diversify, perhaps you could focus on 3 key folks from different backgrounds, genders, sexual orientation etc. Go ahead and get started ASAP and let me know if you need any help.


  2. Yes, I agree. I love the theme but I’d really be sold if you could find a specific group that’s doing something particularly interesting. I’ve been seeing people related to this movement around the city, it may be something you’d be into covering -

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