Final Project Idea

I have planned my final project, but there are a few things I’m not so clear about:

  • Can the article and the video be the same interview or do they need to be two separate interviews?
  • How many videos need there be?

Those are the questions I have. My topic will be on the Philadelphia Phillies and how they make a difference to Philadelphians.

  1. Audio/Slideshow: I will be signing up for and collecting donations for the ‘For Pete’s Sake’ walk, which will be a 3 mile fun walk around Citizens Bank Park on April 22nd. The walk is has a goal of 185,000 in order to send families suffering from cancer on respite vacations. In association with the Phillies and CBP, the walkers will be allowed to run the bases and have their picture taken in the dugout.I plan to interview the walkers and/or family members who participate in the walk.
  2. Interactive Photo story: I want to interview Phillies standing room fans. These fans are so dedicated to the Phillies that each year they buy a ticket to not sit comfortably at a game, but stand. Why? I want to know what about the Phillies means so much to them, and how they make a difference to each fan in his or her life. What do the Phillies give to Philadelphians?
  3. Video: I don’t exactly have an idea for this yet, but I’m still considering options.
  4. Article: I really want to interview a worker at Citizen’s Bank Park, but I haven’t found a good angle for the frustrating ‘Making a Difference’ theme.
  5. Website: I got this.

Let me know what you guys think/if you have any ideas.


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