Ideas for project

Sorry I was late, Verizon was doing something to our Internet and I had to come to campus.

My ideas are interviewing: 

(Congregation) Beth Ahavah
 at Congregation Rodeph Shalom
615 North Broad Street, Philadelphia  19123 
President: Jeffrey Strauss
Serves the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities as well as people of all gender and sexual identities. Reform. Apparently one of the few Reform synagogues in Philly.


Also thinking of interviewing people at shofuso cleanups.



3 thoughts on “Ideas for project

  1. Vicky, how are you planning on executing this as a final project? Let me know if you need help fleshing out some of your ideas for the various parts of the project.

    • Hey, Neal,
      it was going to be for the interactive slideshow. Get pictures of the people running the Synagogue, I would like to have a voice over somewhere on the page. Do we have class today?

      • There is no class on the 12th. If you think you can flesh out different ideas, facets of the synagogue, but really get some one on one time with some of its members and people who are positively affected, then by all means, go for it. Just let me know details about the stories behind your video, slideshow, and interactive slideshow, how you plan on executing your article, and get more in depth instead of just making it a web site about this organization. It’d be nice to get some awesome, charismatic people who are involved to speak and get on film.

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