Ideas for Final Project

So far I have two ideas in mind. Haven’t decided which one I want to do or if I’d be more into doing something else.

My first idea I had was to make my website be centered around the concept of food assistance programs in Philadelphia. The thought was inspired by this little produce shop on Broad and Fairmount that I’ve been going to for the past few months. Every time I go in there there’s always a sight to be seen, tons of noise and just a general sense of chaos. Almost all of the produce is only a dollar for a bag, and I’ve noticed that the store offers a sort of payment plan. The store owners but customers on a tab and they can pay their bill over time. Most of the customers are regulars and the place is run by this sweet but authoritative eastern European couple. I think their store would make for a great audio slide show. They’ve already told me they’d be interested in being a part of the project. For a video, I’d like to look into a similar kind of place or even maybe Food Not Bombs and go off the concept of public assistance for food in poor areas of Philadelphia.

The other idea I have been mulling over is to make a website themed around social awareness organizations. The Defenestrator, an anarchist zine here in Philadelphia, constantly coordinates tons of events in the city. Some of them are really anarchist-centered but others are more just based on local organizing– creating solidarity for workers and the underclass.

Both of these ideas could potentially create very interesting and colorful story lines, but I’m planning on spending this weekend reaching out to different people within both of these spheres to see which would make for the better one to go with.

(Sorry for the lateness on this, just read the e-mail fully a few hours ago)



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