Final Project Idea

My multimedia package will revolve around the theme of homelessness in Philadelphia. This topic can be approached from several angles, such as exploring the perception of the city’s homeless among Philadelphians, portraying a day in the life of a particular homeless person, looking at various organizations and/or committees that aim to help the homeless and discussing controversial legislation affecting the issue, such as Mayor Nutter’s recent ban on serving food in city parks, which could halt charity efforts.

Possible sources include:

Covenant House Pennsylvania

The Homeless Advocacy Project

The Philadelphia Committee to End Homelesness

Project H.O.M.E.

Area Homeless Shelters


One thought on “Final Project Idea

  1. Corey,

    i love the idea of “day in the life” of a homeless person. how is your progress going on this idea? I think you could flesh it out in a variety of ways, which would be beneficial for your project as a whole. Let me know if you need help narrowing down a few of the focuses for the different pieces.


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