Uploading to FUGU Refresher!

Having trouble? Hope to save the day with this post:

I recommend that you use Fugu, a free uploading utility for the Web. You can download it here:


It only works on Macs. BUT it is installed at the Tech Center.

To use Fugu, double-click on the application to open it.

At the main screen, next to Connect to: enter astro.temple.edu.
Next to Username: put your Temple e-mail user ID
Next to Directory: put public_html
Click the Connect button.

The next screen will ask you to enter your password. Type it and press the Authenticate button.

Fugu then shows you your Web files directory and your local computer drive. Click the New Folder at the top of the screen, and enter a new name for your folder.

Check the permissions on your new folder. Select the folder in the public_html window. Click on the Information Button – the white i in the blue circle at the top of the screen. The permissions tab will open. Make sure your folder’s permissions are set to 755 – the checks will look like the letter “n” at the bottom of the screen. Click the Apply button.

Double-click your folder to open it. Drag and drop your files from your computer into your new folder. Be sure to check the permissions on your new files by selecting the files and pressing the white Information Button.

When you are done, the Web link to your file will be:


Copy and paste this link to the blog.


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