Common photos found in audio slideshows

Several studies done on Life Magazine found that most of their photo stories, both past and present, include the following photo types in this order:

1. An introductory shot or overall shot, such as a wide angle or an aerial.
2. A middle-distance or “moving in” shot, such as a sign, street, or building.
3. A close-up, usually hands, face or detail.
4. A sequence, or how-to shot.
5. A portrait, usually environmental.
6. An interaction shot of persons conversing or action portrayed.
7. The signature picture- the decisive moment, the one picture that conveys the essence of the story.
8. The clincher or goodbye shot, signifying the end of the story.

You’ll find that audio slideshows follow a similar sequence, but with more photos in between. Consider this a checklist before you shoot for your slideshows, and consider this a basis for your shooting scripts / storyboards.


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